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I speak/understand English in 3 dialects – American (born and raised!), Northern (30+ years) and Southern (3 years). Granted, I sometime struggle with various Southern phrases– last year we had luncheon and a coworker cooked some delicious food. Another coworker told her that she had “put her foot in it” and I was horrified because I thought she had insulted her cooking. Turns out, “put your foot in it” is a complement. In all of my years in NJ/NY/PA I never heard someone use that phrase. :shurgs: It’s a southern thing! Anyway, I write all that to say, trying to raise a multilingual child when you only speak one language is hard. Thankfully, I’m trying to raise my son in 2018, and technology is here to help! Most people have heard of “Netflix and chill”, well we (really he) “Netflix, chills, and learns Chinese.”

Netflix is an awesome resource if you want to learn another language as they allow you to play a host of their movies and television shows in a multitude of languages (some even have subtitles in the chosen language!) Chinese is tonal, (the same word can have 4 meanings by the way it’s pronounced) 


so it’s particularly helpful for someone who is learning Chinese to hear it constantly to learn the different tones.

Netflix gives us access to thousand of hours of child friendly programming in Chinese for $7.99 a month! You can access all of Netflix’s programming in Chinese by clicking on this link. For many of the shows you can add subtitles in traditional or simplified Chinese.  Right now, my son’s favorite show is Transformers Rescue Bots. I keep on trying to get him to watch My Little Pony series (my favorite show as a child) but no luck so far!

If you want to watch Netflix in one of 23 languages click on the below links

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Have a fabulous time Netflix, chill, and learning!

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